A Thousand Thoughts Ago

It has been over two years since I last wrote a blog entry. I was on another continent and in a different stage of life. I have had thousands of thoughts, been on countless walks and eaten with innumerable forks since then.

I have now graduated from the University of Sheffield (silly hats and all) and am about to embark on MISSION REAL LIFE. A frightening prospect and an adventure on which we all have to set forth one day. Although I am utterly unclear on where that journey will take me, I am lucky enough to say that my next personal adventure will be to Malaysian Borneo, where I will be volunteering with Raleigh International.

Raleigh International is a sustainable development charity whose vision is to empower local communities and preserve important environments. Raleigh works on worthwhile and sustainable projects, establishing long-lasting relationships in focus countries to find long-term solutions to developmental obstacles. In the eighties, my Mum went on an expedition to Pakistan with Raleigh, as their team medic, visiting regions and working on projects that, sadly, are no longer possible due to the country’s instability. Then, last year, my sister travelled to Tanzania as a volunteer for Raleigh and took part in a number of local projects, including digging trenches for a gravity-based water system and working with local people to develop a deeper understanding of sanitation (simple, yet something we take for granted). And in a couple of months, I shall be doing something similar in Borneo.

Of course, I have to first raise money and, more importantly, awareness of what Raleigh is and what it does (hopefully that is something I am achieving in the writing of this post). One of the ways I am doing this is by running Nottingham’s half marathon, a rather daunting task that is going to take a lot of grit and determination. But when it’s in aid of a charity such as Raleigh in which you believe, motivation is easier to come by, I feel. I will keep you all updated with my training progress. Many thanks to everybody who has sponsored me so far; it is extremely appreciated (if you haven’t and would like to, you can go to my JustGiving page at https://www.justgiving.com/Rally-For-Raleigh/ #hinthint #RallyforRaleigh).

If you want to find out more about Raleigh, here is a link to their website: https://raleighinternational.org/


3 thoughts on “A Thousand Thoughts Ago”

  1. Good luck! I also went on a Raleigh expedition, and it was life-changing. I think the fundraising is a really important aspect of the whole experience and, just like you, I ran my first ever Half Marathon while fundraising for mine. It was a long time ago, though! Hope the training goes well 🙂

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