A weekend of walks and wild garlic pesto.

So. Updates on the wild garlic foraging trip. I went on two walks to the Peak District this last weekend, and both times I completely forgot to take bags to put the wild garlic leaves in. What a fail. On the bright side, I, and the friends who went with me, discovered the most brilliant little pub on Fulwood Road. It’s called the Bull’s Head. It had started to rain towards the end of our walk, it was two o’clock, we were hungry and in search of some good pub grub. We thought we’d order a platter to share, and there was a list of things you could have on your platter (we chose brie, pork pie, ham hock and pate) which was accompanied by lots of yummy things. When the food came, it was BRILLIANT (pork pie was especially good) and, even better, only £11 between the three of us. There was a lot of food on that plate, and we probably could have shared it with one more person, thus making the cost only £3 each, which I think is an absolute BARGAIN for such nice food. Students and non-students alike, GET TO THIS PUB – you will not regret it.
Anyway, the wild garlic. I was feeling like a bit of a failure for not getting it at the weekend, so on Monday, I decided to go for a run with a backpack for the garlic, killing two birds with one stone. The run was pretty hard – I haven’t been exercising properly for a while as I damaged my intercostal muscles a few weeks ago, which was pretty painful. Also, as anyone who lives in Sheffield will know, Sheffield is HILLY  (contrasting with the beautifully flat Vale of York!!) 
Bastille was playing through my iPod as I gathered the garlic leaves (good music to run to, and generally just GOOD MUSIC – would recommend it), and finally I had completed my self-set task (all I had to do now was run back, ugh). Last night I made the pesto itself, using the recipe I mentioned in an earlier post, and it actually turned out pretty well. I made a whole jar, which will last me a good few meals I should think – always good for a student. I would highly recommend this recipe – the main component is free of charge, after all, and it’s a nice alternative to using basil. The garlic is still out there in the woods – go get it!! Happy foraging.



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