A walk in the rain….

When I started this blog, I thought that the ‘walks’ part would consist of scenic walks in the woods, fields and hills of various places. But, you know, a walk is a walk, and this one was a short jaunt along West Street, Sheffield.
I’d just finished a lecture and had two hours to kill before the next one. I was alone, as my other coursemates had gone back to Endcliffe, so thought I’d do something productive and buy some things for tea. I was looking for daikon (or white radish), but peering into the Asian supermarket’s bleak darkness of obvious ‘closedness’, this looked pretty unlikely. So I cheated and bought normal radishes, which probably taste pretty similar. I also bought some mango and mint and other nice things (Dijon mustard was only £1, so it was a must-buy…really).
As I walked back to where the Information Commons loomed with the dismal promise of work to be done, it started to rain, as is typical in the wonderful North. It was that really fine, ‘wet’ rain, which quickly makes you feel cold and pretty miserable. It was windy too, and as my visiblity started to diminuish due to the standard obstruction-of-sight-by-hair, I decided to have a coffee.

I’ve been to the place before – it does student discount, which is never a bad thing. I ordered a small skinny cappuccino ‘Would you like sprinkles?’ ‘Of course’, hoping it would warm me up and kick start my brain ready for the beginning of the climb of the mountain called Revision. Slightly disappointing: warm rather than hot; not strong enough (in hindsight, I probably should have asked for an extra shot of coffee) and not big enough for the short walk to the IC (also probably my own fault). On the positive side, it did give me the boost of caffeine which I needed after my 9am start (ugh) for the start of revision and the brilliant spurt of procrastination, which is the act of writing this post.
So on that note, I better get back to it, and I’ll be writing again soon, as I plan to go wild garlic foraging this weekend, so will let you know how that goes. Until then!


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