Wild garlic, pesto and a potential quest for morels.

A few days ago, I was photographing my lunch (as you do), when a friend informed me I was obsessed with food. I thought about this: I have always loved food (when I was a baby, I’d cry if you didn’t get it in my mouth swiftly enough!!), but I hadn’t really thought of it as an obsession. Then it struck me that I probably think about food a lot more than the average person – not in a greedy ‘feed me’ way, but I do spend a lot of time planning meals and looking up new recipes on the internet. I’m not really an average uni student in terms of cooking. Open up my fridge and you’ll see capers, rocket, harissa paste, olives, anchovies – not just the typical half-empty tin of beans that occupies most student fridges!!
I’m going to take it up a level. This Spring, I have decided to not only use unusual foods, but unusual foods that I have found myself, rather than bought in a shop. I’ve taken to walking from my uni accommodation to the Peak District, which takes me through some charming little woods, where I’m hoping MAY be bluebells at some point. As well as potential bluebells, the woods are also home to an abundance of wild garlic, which is instantly recognisable from its’ pungent smell. Yesterday I found a brilliant looking recipe for wild garlic pesto (http://circleofpinetrees.com/recipewildgarlicpest/), so I’m hoping to have a wander down to the wood, collect a bunch and then make a big batch of pesto. So this will hopefully bring me closer to my aim of finding and gathering my own food!!
Another food which I know is currently in season is the morel mushroom. These little fungi are notoriously difficult to find, and thousands of mushroom enthusiasts and food lovers alike set out to find them each year. My ambition is to join the hunt – no harm in trying!! I’ve never actually tried them before, but apparently they are delicious and I bet there is no end to the stuff you can do with them. Wish me luck.



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