This is my first post and I’m not entirely sure where to start. All blog advice sites seem to recommend that before you start writing a blog, you need to start preparing for what you’re going to write about. I thought that if I took that approach, it would be likely that I would never lay pen to paper (figuratively speaking; typing stuff doesn’t sound nearly as romantic). So I’ll start to write, and hopefully it will continue under its own momentum, as these things often do.

SO. Introductions. I’m Abi Hayward. I was born and spent most of my life in the beautiful historic city of York. I left home almost 8 months ago to live in the slightly-less-beautiful-but-still-aesthetically-pleasing city of Sheffield, where I am currently studying as a zoology student.  My hobbies include writing (a mix of articles and poetry), photography, reading, cooking, music, walking and the outdoors in general. I also love to travel – I recently went to Morocco with my family and am planning a month in South Africa volunteering with a conservation charity in Summer. Thinking India next year, but we shall have to see!!

So, I think that’s probably about it for starters. Hopefully you’ll enjoy a vibrant rage of posts, from thoughts to photos to food (hence the forks!!) Stay tuned folks!!


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